Lectures, conferences, and symposia

See the Law School calendar for additional information.

Tuesday, Feb. 20, noon, MCR:
Please Join the Black Law Student’s Association for their Black History Month Panel Discussion on the Global Impact of the African American Struggle. Speakers will discuss how the African American Struggle has been looked to for insight and inspiration by other oppressed groups throughout the world. Speakers will be Professor Karen Bravo (IU McKinney), Professor Kevin Brown (IU Maurer), and Professor Timothy Lovelace (IU Maurer).
Wednesday, Feb. 21, noon, MCR:
Please join us as we welcome June Carbone (University of Minnesota Law), this year’s Jerome Hall lecturer. He will present “Gender and the Tournament: Reinventing Antidiscrimination Law in an Age of Inequality.”
Thursday, Feb. 22, noon, MCR:
Please join us as we celebrate Jody Madeira’s most recent book, “Taking Baby Steps: How Patients and Fertility Clinics Collaborate in Conception.” This event will feature Jody Madeira, this year’s Hall Lecturer June Carbone, and Deborah Unger (LSCW) who will discuss the high points of this terrific accomplishment.  

Thursday, Feb. 22, noon, Henderson House:
The Center for Constitutional Democracy will host Claudia Avellaneda (IU SPEA).
Wednesday, Feb. 28, noon, FCR:
We will host Stephanie McMahon (Cincinnati) who will present “Tax as Part of a Broken Budget: Good Taxes are Good Cause Enough.”  A draft of the paper is attached to this email.
Thursday, Mar. 1, noon, Henderson House:
The Center for Constitutional Democracy will host Samantha Von Ende (Law and Democracy PhD Student) who will present “Elections, Contemporary Autocracy, and Militant Democracy in the Middle East.”
Thursday, Mar. 1, 1:15 – 3:15, Rm. 213:
Professor Lederman will host Diane Ring (Boston College Law School) as part of the Tax Policy Colloquium. She will present “Data and Legal Systems.”
Friday, Mar. 2, noon, Henderson House:
The Center for Law, Society & Culture will host Anne Groggel (IU Dept. of Sociology) who will present “County over Content: Civil Protection Order Outcomes.”