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The 2011 Incoming Class

JD Students: A Diverse and Capable Community

The Maurer School of Law welcomed 240 JD students in the fall of 2011. They bring wide-ranging educational, work, and life experiences to our community.

  • The class comes from 32 states and five foreign countries.
  • More than 100 first-year students worked for more than two years after receiving their undergraduate degree.
  • More than 100 of them have significant international experience.
  • The first-year class has lived, studied, or served in more than 50 countries, literally from A to Z, including Argentina, Afghanistan, Brazil, Ukraine, Uruguay, and Zambia.
  • Twenty-two members of the class have advanced degrees.
  • The class includes an Army paratrooper, a screenwriter, a rancher, Americorps teachers, Peace Corps volunteers, a tugboat captain, a guide-dog trainer, a licensed pilot, and the reigning Miss West Africa.

The class is athletically diverse, too: We could field a soccer team and teach yoga, ballroom dancing, or mixed martial arts. And there are equestrian team members, fencers, crew members, body builders, fly fishers, and certified divers!

Graduate Students: An Impressive Group from Around the World

Indiana Law's graduate students are equally impressive. They hail from five continents and 20 countries and include:

  • A lawyer from one of China's leading capital equity firms
  • An advisor to the president of Mongolia
  • A prosecutor from Korea
  • An international affairs officer who works on anti-corruption matters in Thailand
  • An IP lawyer from Sri Lanka
  • An anti-money-laundering officer from a Saudi bank
  • Members of the bars of China, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Thailand, and other countries

One plays the erhu, a classical Chinese stringed instrument, and has participated in a one-year intensive training program on waltz as part of his ballroom dancing interest. Another was with a rock band in Korea. There are captains of university basketball, handball, ping-pong, and tennis teams and prize-winning badminton players. There is a former Korean special forces officer.

As one of our Chinese students volunteered in her personal statement, “The world is indeed flat!”