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Alonzo Weems
Indianapolis, Indiana
Current Position:
Associate General Counsel, Pharmaceutical Operations Legal Team, Eli Lilly and Company

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Alumni Profiles

Enjoying the Corporate Career Choice
Alonzo Weems, JD’95

Now in his eleventh year at Eli Lilly and Company, Alonzo Weems knows corporate practice. Most of his time has been spent serving as a lawyer for the company’s cancer clinical research organization and for two cancer drugs. For the past two years, though, he had been “on loan” from the law division working as the director of global workforce diversity, and recently returned to the law division in April as associate general counsel, pharmaceutical operations legal team. Weems is enjoying the course his career has taken. “I’m not one who tries to pinpoint exactly where I want my career to be 5 or 10 years down the road,” he says. “For me it’s about doing something I think I’ll enjoy and maximizing the experience.”

Typical day at Lilly? “I’m not sure I have one. A lot of my time is spent thinking about how to best advance our corporate workforce diversity agenda and then spending time with employees and functional leaders across the organization to implement the strategies we have in place.”

Law school lesson No. 1: “The first lesson that every 1L learns quickly is to be prepared for class or you’ll likely be embarrassed by the professor. The importance of being prepared continues to be a career lesson—and really, a life lesson.”

Changing children’s lives: “At Indiana Law, I headed the Black Law Student Association’s Adopt-A-School program at one of the Bloomington elementary schools. About twice a month, IU law students volunteered in the after-school program. Our goal was to be a positive influence in the lives of young children.”

How do you stay in touch with Indiana Law? “Within the first few years of graduation, I served as a board member of the alumni association. Over the last few years, I’ve participated in a number of panel presentations as a way of staying connected.”