Seminar in Intellectual Property

L730 is taught by Y Cripps, M. Leaffer, M. Mattioli

In this seminar, we will study how patent, trademark, copyright, and other IP regimes can be brought to bear on the difficult problem of protecting visual design. #Visual design,# for our purposes, includes a wide range of subject matter # such as the shape of a FERRARI chassis; the appearance of the graphical user interface on a WINDOWS tablet; the packaging that Apple uses for its IPHONE; sculpture; fashion design, and so on. In addition to reading cases and other primary materials, we will hear from five or six intellectual property law scholars and lawyers who will visit campus to present works-in-progress that pertain to the topic. Students will also select a topic within this general area and will prepare a seminar paper. Grades will be based on the paper and on class participation. Concurrent or prior enrollment in an intellectual property law class is strongly advised.