Federal Criminal Law and White Collar Crime

B739 is taught by T. Morrison

This course examines federal criminal prosecutions such as those pursued against the Ponzi #schemers,# inside stock traders, organized crime figures and corrupt politicians. With primary focus on specific federal criminal statutes such as RICO, bank fraud, mail and wire fraud, bribery, Hobbs Act and money laundering, this course also looks at how the federal sentencing guidelines impact these convicted #white collar# defendants. Finally, the course reviews corporate criminal liability versus individual criminal liability for corporate officers and employees. This course could be invaluable for anyone contemplating a federal clerkship where much of the time is spent on federal criminal matters or future employment as a government attorney. The instructor is a former federal prosecutor with the United States Attorney's Office in Indianapolis. There are no prerequisites beyond the first year Criminal Law course. There will be an open book exam at the regularly scheduled time for all students in the class.