Public Interest Internship Program

B547 is taught by L. Daghe, R. Downey, Farnsworth, S. Lahn, I. Van Der Cruysse

COURSE GOALS: The student gets a behind-the-scenes insight in how non-profit organizations and corporations, local, state and federal government organizations work, and serve clients directly under the supervision of a licensed attorney.

COURSE COMPETENCIES: Some placements require the willingness to take contemporaneously or have taken already specialized classes related to substantive areas, but most placements do require only the successful completion of the 1L curriculum.

STUDENT ROLE: Legal research and writing, observer at meetings with clients, litigation and pre-litigation skills, transactional skills.

COURSE QUALIFICATIONS: General externship requirements: must have successfully completed the 1L curriculum.

CLIENTELE SERVED: Varies from a government agency, to underrepresented populations.

NATURE OF PRACTICE: A variety of assignments, but in general: research and writing, document review, transactional work, litigation work, compliance work.

APPLICATION METHOD: Make an appointment with the Faculty Director for Externships and Faculty Advisor, Inge Van der Cruysse at

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Students and the externship for which they apply, must be pre-approved before a student may be permitted to register for the course. Contact Professor Inge Van der Cruysse for approval.