Public Interest Internship Program

B547 is taught by L. Daghe, R. Downey, Farnsworth, S. Lahn, I. Van Der Cruysse

COURSE GOALS: Students get behind-the-scenes insight in how non-profit organizations and local, state and federal government agencies work, gaining practical legal experience while serving clients directly under the supervision of a licensed on-site attorney and a faculty member.

COURSE COMPETENCIES/STUDENT ROLE: Perform legal research and writing, draft documents and pleadings, observe/participate in client meetings, develop pre-trial and litigation skills, hone transactional skills, and deal with professional responsibility issues in a real world setting.

COURSE QUALIFICATIONS: Most placements require only successful completion of the 1L curriculum, but some may require students to concurrently take or have completed specialized classes related to substantive areas. In addition, students wishing to become certified legal interns must satisfy Indiana Supreme Court Admission and Rule 2.1 (requiring completion of ? of the hours required for graduation and enrollment in or completion of #The Legal Profession# course).

CLIENTELE SERVED: Varies from government entities to underrepresented populations.

NATURE OF PRACTICE: A variety of assignments, but in general: research and writing,

document drafting and review, transactional work, litigation work, compliance work.

COURSE REQUIREMENTS: The course is graded on a pass/fail basis. In order to #pass#, a student must:

1. Perform 52 hours of work per credit hour (i.e., 52, 104, 156 or 208 hours for 1, 2, 3 or 4 credits, respectively);

2. Maintain a time/activity log tracking hours worked and work activities;

3. Submit 1-4 reflective essays (one essay per credit hour) on a scheduled basis regarding their externship experience (2-3 pages, double-spaced);

4. Participate in 2 one-on-one meetings during the semester (one at the beginning and one at the end);

5. Submit a sample work-product (with employer#s approval); and

6. Complete a final self-evaluation form.

APPLICATION METHOD: Make an appointment with Director of Career Services/Adjunct Faculty - Externships, David Main,, 812-855-3028.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Students and the externship for which they apply, must be

pre-approved before a student may be permitted to register for the course. Contact

David Main regarding approval.