Private Practice Externship

B514 is taught by I. Van der Cruysse

COURSE GOALS: The student will work with in-house counsel of a corporation. There is a handful of for-profit corporations with which the school has carefully curated externships, and only those are approved for for-credit externships. These are in the areas of IP and one in trusts and estates banking at this moment.

COURSE COMPETENCIES: Prerequisite specialized courses which vary according to substantive area.

STUDENT ROLE: Legal research and writing, observer at meetings with internal clients and # in some cases#with outside counsel.

COURSE QUALIFICATIONS: Specialty courses related to substantive area of the externship.

CLIENTELE SERVED: The private corporation.

NATURE OF PRACTICE: A variety of assignments, but in general: research and writing, document review, transactional work.

APPLICATION METHOD: Make an appointment with the Faculty Director for Externships and Faculty Advisor, Prof. Inge Van der Cruysse at

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Students may only take these pre-approved corporation opportunities for credit. For additional questions, contact Prof. Inge Van der Cruysse at