B738 is taught by Fidler

This course examines policy and legal challenges connected to improving cybersecurity nationally and internationally. Threats to cybersecurity arise from criminal networks, terrorist groups, and states (espionage and armed conflict), and the U.S. government believes that dangers to cybersecurity are increasing and constitute one of the most serious problems for U.S. national security in the coming years. For each category of cybersecurity threats, the course will analyze the policy and legal challenges facing countries and the international community. The course will also explore policy and legal issues that arise with efforts to improve defenses against cyberattacks. National and international law will be examined. In addition, the course will put policy and legal challenges to improving cybersecurity within the larger context of governance of cyberspace and the Internet in a rapidly changing world. The course has no pre-requisites, and no technical knowledge about computers and the Internet is required. Grades in this course will be based on a final examination.