Criminal Procedure Capstone

B786 is taught by J. Bell

This course is intended to provide a supplement to students who have already taken (or are currently enrolled in) at least one criminal procedure course and have an interest in exploring how the criminal justice system works in practice. Each week, the course will take a separate issue or actor in the criminal justice system and examine cases, reports, and research that explore the ways in which the law works in real life. In doing so, students will be provided with additional examination of legal issues which time does not allow to be addressed in a traditional doctrinal class. The course will also have a practical aspect. In a variety of areas, students will be given actual cases and asked to briefly role-play being a prosecutor or defense attorney. The goal of the course is to provide not only substantive knowledge of how individuals charged with carrying out the criminal law actually do it, but also present a larger view of how the system (which includes not just lawyers and judges but also police officers, court personnel and juries) as a whole, operates.