Protection Order Litigation

B564 is taught by S. Lahn

Students in this experiential course will help clients of the law school#s Protective Order Project (#POP#) seek relief from the courts. This casework will enable students to examine, through first-hand experience, the civil legal system's response to sexual assault, stalking, and domestic and relationship violence.

This work will also provide an opportunity to develop and refine professional skills#transferable to almost any practice setting#through interviewing clients; drafting pleadings and motions; investigating facts; conducting discovery; preparing witnesses and exhibits for hearing; and (for students eligible to serve as legal interns under Ind. Adm. & Disc. R. 2.1(1)(a)) conducting direct and cross-examination and argument in court.

The class will meet as a whole once a week (currently scheduled on Tuesdays at 2:20-3:15 p.m., but that time may be changed if necessary to fit class members# schedules). Students will spend an average of 5-6 hours per week on course activities outside of class meetings, including work on active cases; readings and other class preparation; and reflective essay-writing. There is no final exam; grading will be based on an evaluation of (i) the student#s case work and class participation over the course of the semester and (ii) an end-of-term portfolio of each student#s written work.

The course is open to any second- or third-year student; enrollment is limited and by permission of the instructor. Previous experience with either POP or another organization or course focused on domestic violence or sexual assault will be helpful. For a full course description, please feel free to contact Prof. Lahn.