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More than 40 professionals spoke at the law school's career choices series in 2013-2014











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Among the many offices within the law school, there is perhaps none as important – or one you’ll interact with more – than the Career Services Office. From your first day in Bloomington up to the day you retire, the CSO stands ready to help you land the career you’ve always dreamed of. When you arrive in Bloomington, you are committing to three years of intense academic rigor that will prepare you to be a success – whether you’re aiming for the corner office of a big city firm, a life of public service, or something else entirely. In return, we offer a lifelong commitment to your pursuit of happiness and success.

Here at Indiana Law, we know that no two dreams are the same, no two career paths identical. Loretta Rush, '83, worked in private practice and served as a trial court judge before being appointed the first woman Chief Justice in the State of Indiana. Michael Uslan, ’76, saw law school not as a path to practice, but rather as a springboard to Hollywood success (he’s executive produced every Batman movie since 1989). Greg Castanias, '90, built on his interest in intellectual property law and became one of the country's top IP lawyers, with several U.S. Supreme Court arguments to his credit. And Pete Yonkman, '98, leads Cook Group -- an international company that oversees one of the world's largest medical device manufacturers -- from right here in Bloomington.

Because of that, Indiana Law’s Career Services Office offers a diverse toolkit of resources to help you identify what you want to do and the practical skills needed to guide you there. Our 1L training program begins during orientation and continues in small groups throughout the fall semester. The school's Career Choices series will introduce you to more career options than you knew existed. Our career exploration program will take you to places like Chicago and Washington, DC, bringing you directly to employers. Our DC externship program will put you in the heart of Capitol Hill. And our alumni network? It’s more than 11,000 strong.

Walk into our ground floor and you can expect to find the doors to the CSO open. They work tirelessly, to help you open yours.

Nondiscrimination Policy

Indiana University Maurer School of Law is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination in recruiting and employment regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age, marital status, race or ethnic orientation. Law School facilities are open only to employers whose practices support this policy.