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Career Services Office

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Reciprocity Policy

Reciprocity entitles a visitor to use the office for a 90-day period from the date of original request. We will provide reasonable use of our resources to students and alumni of other law schools on the following basis:

  • Services are available only to students/graduates whose law schools grant reciprocal privileges to students/graduates of Indiana Law.
  • Requests for reciprocity must sent by the career services office of the student/graduate to
  • Individuals other than Indiana Law students are not permitted to participate in on-campus interviews with employers.
  • No reciprocity will be granted between August 1 and November 1
  • Indiana Law’s assistant dean has the discretion to deny services to individuals who demonstrate inappropriate attitudes or behaviors.

Reciprocal services are limited to:

  • Access to job listings (provided the school seeking reciprocity allows Indiana Law students and graduates the same privileges)
  • Use of resource library and publications