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Professor Yvonne Cripps

Yvonne Cripps

Harry T. Ice Professor of Law

Biotechnology is an emerging area of study at Indiana Law. Professor Yvonne Cripps’ students learn about the latest developments in the relevant sciences and issues involving intellectual property rights, particularly patents over biological material and the equipment needed to process it. More »

Areas of Focus

Selecting courses after the first year can be intimidating. To help with this task, Indiana Law offers areas of focus: a set of recommended courses tailored to your particular area of interest.

While not required, areas of focus help you choose the courses that will both deepen and broaden your knowledge in a particular field of practice. In addition, many students build their own courses of study by taking classes from a number of different areas. Whatever you decide, our faculty members’ stature as nationally and internationally known experts in their fields will enhance your experience.

The areas listed on this page are just are a sampling of the many specialty areas you can study at Indiana Law. The description of each area of focus also includes lists opportunities for clinics, externships, and student organizations that will complement your classroom work.