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Degrees & Courses

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Areas of Focus

Skill Development

All Indiana Law students must complete one or more courses certified by the faculty as offering substantial instruction in "other professional skills" generally regarded as necessary for effective and responsible participation in the legal profession.  Below is a list of skills courses offered the past two years.

Skill development courses and opportunities that are offered every year:
Skill development courses and opportunities that are offered less frequently:
Student Activities and Opportunities

Student-run projects provide an opportunity for valuable practice experience with a defined time commitment.  Academic credit is not granted for participation in these projects.

Internal and external competitions provide students with additional opportunities to practice their skills development.


Amy Applegate
A. James Barnes
Lisa Farnsworth
Mark Janis
Seth Lahn
David Main
Mark Need
Carole Silver
Earl Singleton
Alex Tanford
Bill Weeks
Carwina Weng

Adjunct Faculty

Sam Ardery
Hon. Michael Barnes
Hon. Elaine Brown
Jessie Cook
Hon. Mary Ellen Diekhoff
Kenneth Gandy
Hon. Marc Kellams
Don Knebel
Stan Levco
Hon. Basil Lorch
David Mallon
Robert Meitus
Joe O'Connor
Rodney Retzner
Catherine Stafford
Hon. Nancy Vaidik