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Xinyiang Li
Home Country:
Previous Education:
LLB’07, Peking University

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A Fundamentally Different Legal Education
Xinyang Li, LLM’08

Indiana Law is getting rave reviews in Taiwan. Xinyang Li didn’t hear much about Indiana University School of Law–Bloomington when she was earning a law degree in China, but then she read in a blog from a Taiwanese student that Indiana Law was a great place to study, particularly because of the international program’s welcoming attitude. “Indiana Law was the most enthusiastic out of all the schools I applied to, and the response was the fastest,” she says.

Li was initially shocked by the fundamental differences between law school in the United States and in China. “The ways of thinking, the system of training, are very, if not fundamentally, different,” she says. “‘Surprised’ is not enough to describe how I felt.”  Now she loves to meet different professors and learn new ways of thinking. And because she is in first-year classes, “I have the precise opportunity to receive the training of thinking from the beginning.”

Every professor is a favorite: “I love every professor I meet here, but some of them have had a special impact on me. Professor Hannah Buxbaum and Professor Susan Williams are great at thinking, analyzing, and summarizing. I try to learn a new way of thinking from them. Professor Ajay Mehrotra is very nice and excellent at teaching policy argument and tax. Professor David Fidler, because he challenges me academically. And Professor Douglass Boshkoff—oh, I love him! He doesn’t answer questions directly; instead, he asks back and forces the student to think by herself. The effect is magic.”

Outside the classroom: “I attended the Tenant Assistance Project last semester, and I’m going to start the volunteer tax clinic next week. From these clinics, I learn new legal knowledge and professionalism. It’s also a good way to understand U.S. society.”

Why Indiana Law: “It’s fabulous! If you want to learn new things and enjoy life, Bloomington is the best place you could ever find. People here are friendly. Professors here are brilliant. Studying here is exciting. Life is so sweet here.”