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Waleed Muad
Home Country:
Saudi Arabia
Previous Education:
LLB’05, King Abdulaziz University

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Seeking Legal Expertise in International Commerce
Waleed Muad, LLM’08

In his home of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Waleed Muad was a lawyer; now an LLM student at Indiana Law, he’s working to upgrade his legal training. “Back home, I’ve learned to become a lawyer, but at the IU School of Law, I learned to become a distinguished one. Everything at Indiana Law is distinguished,” he says. “From the first moment I walked through the door, I felt the superiority of the school.”

Muad chose Indiana Law because a legal education in the United States is a prized commodity in the world of international commerce. He plans to use his enhanced legal knowledge to help the Saudi Arabian government with a project to encourage foreign investors. With his legal training in both the United States and Saudi Arabia, he’ll have the expertise he needs to facilitate the growth of U.S. businesses in Saudi Arabia. His Indiana Law education is an important step toward reaching his goals. “Now I’m stronger, wiser, and more confident,” he says.

Setting goals: “My goal in life is to make a difference. I believe I am taking the right steps to succeed academically and professionally toward realizing my dreams.”

Coming to America: “The United States is one of the biggest and oldest commercial partners of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I wanted to apply to the most respected schools in the country, and law professors from King Abdulaziz University recommended Indiana Law.”

How Indiana Law helped me:  “My first day in Bloomington was the start of a great page of my life book. My life is much better because of the quality of education I’m receiving at IU.”