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Jiren (Ivan) Ren, LLM’12
Home Country:
People's Republic of China
Previous Education:
East China University of Political Science and Law

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“Maurer Meets All My Needs”
Jiren (Ivan) Ren, LLM’12

Jiren (Ivan) Ren grew up in China, but finds Bloomington very much to his liking, not only for the atmosphere at the Law School, but also for all the other advantages of a college town.

Why Indiana law? I researched the Maurer School of Law before submitting my application. During the process, I was deeply attracted to the academic atmosphere of Maurer. Since I was born and have lived in a noisy, large city for over twenty years, a peaceful small town that is suitable for study and research of law was all I desired for my graduate program. Maurer satisfies all my needs.

Favorite Professors. Prof. Stake is awesome. His classes are always full of laughter and warm interaction. All the students enjoy his elaborate and humorous analysis of the rules. He has the magic to make what is arguably the most boring and difficult subject in law school seem interesting and simple.

Prof. Gjerdingen is one of the favorite professors of the international students, not only because of his gentle and heuristic method of teaching, but also because of his amiable and approachable attitude in person. His lecture in the last class of the Torts course is so inspiring for a legal career that all the students in the Law School should hear it.

Life in Bloomington. Bloomington is such a beautiful town — even randomly taken street pictures can be used as a postcard. Concerts and operas at Jacobs School of Music can always relieve me from the pressures and ups and downs of law school. Different kinds of international restaurants downtown are a real treat.

Advice for Students. The one-year LLM program is a short but valuable. Try to treat the LLM program as a transfer station rather than the final stop of legal study. For the students who want to further their legal study after the LLM, Maurer offers a variety of choices including the Credit Transfer Option (CTO) program (JD), SJD and PHD. Take me as an example: I transferred from the LLM program to the JD program through CTO because I wanted more legal training. Even if you choose to work right after graduating, you will find the study habits developed in the law school extremely worthwhile for your future career.