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Zhizheng (Charlie) Wang
Home Country:
People's Republic of China
Previous Education:
Juris Master, Peking University; BA, East China Normal University

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“An Arduous Journey to the Rule of Law”
Zhizheng (Charlie) Wang, SJD'12

Charlie Wang brings many years of business and teaching experience to his graduate legal studies and plans to use his expertise in IT law to help build China's cyber infrastructure.

Why Indiana Law? "Prof. Fred Cate is a leading authority on information privacy law and security law, and internationally renowned for his research on cybersecurity issues. I came here to learn from him. Plus IU's cyber infrastructure is very advanced — they're on the cutting edge. The other professors I've studied with are great, too, and the support staff at the Law School is extremely helpful."

On Life in Bloomington. "I have spent the past 20 years in Shanghai and Beijing — they're both noisy and boisterous cities. There are five million cars in Beijing alone! Coming to Bloomington has been a wonderful retreat from the noise and smog of Chinese cities — a quiet place to study law. And the community here is very friendly — not just the international students, but even strangers you see on the street in Bloomington."

On Life after Law School. "I've been involved in information technology in China, including an Internet start-up and a customer data-processing business. I plan to apply what I learn here to the growing demand for legal advice in the IT sector.

"China is in the midst of an arduous journey to the rule of law. My country needs people with background and awareness of the role of law in building infrastructure. I'm eager to go back home and contribute to China's progress."