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The 2014 Incoming Class

JD Students: A Diverse and Capable Community

The Maurer School of Law welcomed 184 JD students in the fall of 2014. They bring wide-ranging educational, work, and life experiences to our community.

  • The class comes from 107 undergraduate institutions in 11 countries and 33 states.
  • 38% of the first-year class has postgraduate work experience.
  • Members of the first-year class speak a number of foreign languages, including Arabic, French, Farsi, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Mandarin, and Japanese.
  • The class includes a translator for the UDAR party in the Ukraine; a journalist; an archivist at C-SPAN; a French horn instructor; and a private investigator.

Most Maurer students who start here finish here. For example, 246 first-year students matriculated in the fall of 2010. Ninety-two percent graduated. There were six withdrawals and 10 transfers.

Graduate Students: An Impressive Group from around the World

Indiana Law's graduate students are equally impressive. They hail from five continents and 20 countries and include:

  • An arabic poet
  • A belly dancer
  • A cricket team coach
  • A military judge of the Republic of Korea army
  • A police intern in Beijing

One student was in a college rock band named 1905, another studies Chinese calligraphy, and another has an instructors license from the Japanese Snowboarding Association.