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Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD)

Katelyn Conroy
Prospect, Kentucky
Previous Education:
BA’08, English, Centre College

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Just do the right thing. You'll get there.
Katelyn Conroy, JD’11

From Centre to Indiana Law: I knew that I would get a well-rounded legal education. I came here from Centre College thinking I wanted to do environmental law, and I still think I do, but I knew that if I changed my mind, I'd get the kind of education that would prepare me to go into any field. Plus, if I do decide to go into environmental law, I have time to get a Masters of Public and Environmental Affairs from IU’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs on top of my JD.

B-town has an "internationally conscious pulse": I love that I can ride my bike almost anywhere and I love that the town has both a local and an internationally conscious pulse. I go to the local co-op Bloomingfoods or the farmer's market for fresh food, and am steps away from concert venues and locally owned coffee shops. I live within blocks of the Law School and a lot of good restaurants and shops.

Getting involved was easy: I'm a part of the Environmental Law Society and Phi Alpha Delta, but I've gotten the most involved in Law Students for Reproductive Justice. I started going to meetings out of curiosity, but I've really enjoyed getting involved. We've done everything from selling safe-birthing kits for displaced refugees, to showing support for women exercising the right to choose outside of Planned Parenthood, to hosting a trivia night about sex education. It's been rewarding to get involved with a group that handles difficult issues with maturity and care.

Favorite professor(s): That's definitely a tie between Professor Aviva Orenstein and Professor Susan Williams. They both have passion for students and see law as a vehicle for change within the community. I've been able to talk to both of them outside of class about my direction in law school and both have suggested creative ways to use what I've learned in class in my own life.

What are some of your study secrets? Do you have a special place you go to get work done?: I'm more productive if I clear my head before starting my homework each afternoon. After class, I usually try to do something completely different, like go for a run or watch an episode of Arrested Development to clear my head before getting back to homework.

What's your most memorable law school experience so far?: I'm really happy that I was in law school for such a unique presidential election. It was invigorating to be in an environment where so many people cared about the outcome and could articulate exactly why they cared and why the candidate's opinions mattered to them so much. There wasn't a single debate or speech that I didn't watch with friends. And election night 2008? Well that was just about as good as it gets in law school.

Best advice you've ever received?: I got a chance to meet Helen Thomas back in undergrad at Centre College. I asked her some anxiety-ridden question about our generation and she calmly said, "Just do the right thing. You'll get there." I think about that almost everyday.

What are your career goals after earning your JD?: I'd like to work with environmental regulation in some capacity. I think I'll be happy as long as I feel like I'm making a difference.