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Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD)

Aaron Craft
Merrillville, Indiana
Previous Education:
PharmD’07, Purdue University

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Pharmacist Sets Sights on Health Care Policy
Aaron Craft, JD’10

As a registered pharmacist in the state of Indiana, Aaron Craft knows a little something about health care. By earning a law degree, he hopes to become instrumental in helping the United States out of what he calls its “health care crisis.” After law school, he aspires to become a partner at a large firm with a specialty in health care appellate practice. “I would like to become involved with policy decisions affecting health care in the United States, and how those decisions affect the global community, especially with the rising global epidemic of AIDS and illnesses like tuberculosis,” says Craft.

Fabulous faculty and staff: “As with most of the relationships throughout the school, the relationships between professors and students are collegial. Rather than viewing us as inferiors, the professors tend to view the students as the future of their profession. Also, the support staff at the school is great. Whether you are going into the offices of career and professional development, the recorder, admissions, IT support, or the library, everyone is always willing to help and always seems to be in a great mood.”

Most surprising thing about law school: “I think the most notable surprise was that everything I had accomplished before became moot.  It is definitely a humbling experience, much like basic training in the military. You come here, each person with a unique background, yet it becomes easy to forget what you did before you were here. In the first week of law school, one of our professors told us ‘you will never look at the world the same, and you’ll forget what the world looked like before you viewed it through the eyes of a lawyer.’”

Hoosier hysteria: “Hoosier basketball is the best thing about living in Bloomington. It’s one of the best sporting events in the world.”