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Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD)

Eric Cook, JD'12
Cincinnati, Ohio
Previous Education:
BA’09, psychology and philosophy, Miami University (OH)

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Student Spotlight

I really love Bloomington; it’s fun to go out with my classmates!
Eric Cook, JD’12

Where people shape the world: I was drawn to law school at a very young age; however, I decided to pursue a law degree in my first year in college. Law seemed to be where the rules were made and I have definitely learned how true this is in my first semester of law school. This field is where people shape the world through every means in the legal arsenal. I chose Indiana Law for this reason. The career service office, the teachers, and students gave me this sense of family even when I was just visiting and this has continued while I have been here.

An early start: As an undergraduate at Miami University, I participated in a program called SWEL (Summer Work Experience in Law). After making it past the initial screening process, every summer I was placed in a particular legal job where I was interviewed once again for the position. I interned at Frost Brown Todd following my first and second semester as an undergrad. I was a legal intern with The Honorable Chief Judge Sandra Beckwith in the Federal District Court following my junior year. Finally, I spent my summer before law school at General Electric Aviation. During all my internships I was able to learn more about the law as well as get information about the application process. I participated in depositions, conducted research, trained independent third parties on compliance practices, and even assisted in the data collection of a pilot mediation program for the district court in tandem with my faculty at Miami.

I want to give back: I intend to pursue a PhD in sociology in addition to my law degree, so I hope to become an expert on issues concerning the First Amendment as well as privacy. My interest in privacy is actually one of the many factors that led me to choose Indiana Law. Hopefully, I will be back in Cincinnati making a difference in my community. I hope to have made enough financially to begin supporting my high school and giving back to those that helped me through the pipeline.

Staying active: I truly enjoy playing soccer with my classmates and teammates. I play on a team with about a dozen guys from my class every Thursday. I am pretty competitive, but it's also fun to just go and play once a week and get away from the Law School. I'm also a big health nerd, so I enjoy working out. I usually work out three times a week when the Student Recreation Sports Center opens before going to the Law Library to study. I really love Bloomington; it's fun to go out with my classmates to the movies, restaurants, and bars.

Know when you're most focused: The best time to study is when you know that you will be most efficient. I study best in the morning and late at night. I am likely to show up to the Law School at 7:30 a.m. when the Law Library opens. You really just have to know when you are most focused. Some times you can spend three or four hours reading something that would have taken you 90 minutes if you were focused. The best favor you can do yourself is to know when to call it a day and when to push through.