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Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD)

Michelle Jones
Rochester, Indiana
Previous Education:
BA’02, Communication, Purdue University
MSEd’05, Purdue University

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Student Spotlight

An engaged and supportive community
Michelle Jones, JD’13

Michelle Jones has lived in many different cities and states, originally pursuing a career in student affairs in higher education. For her, a law degree is an ideal post-graduate choice because of the many career options it offers. She finds the Law School community engaged and supportive.

Before coming to the Law School: I worked in student affairs at the University of Utah. After a few years, I realized that I’d need a PhD if I wanted to move up in that field. I decided instead that I wanted a terminal degree that would give me more career options, so I chose law school.

The faculty are great: I’ll be the first lawyer in my family, and I don’t even know any lawyers, so I’m really enjoying learning about all the areas of the law. My favorite course so far has been criminal law with Professor Ryan Scott. He’s just excellent—and in fact, all the professors I’ve had have been wonderful. Having taught college level courses myself, I had high expectations! The professors are not only smart, but they really care about you and want to know you outside of class. I’ve had social interactions with almost all my professors so far—they’ve either invited us to lunch or I’ve chatted with them at receptions.

Why I chose Indiana Law: I knew law school would be challenging, and I wanted to be someplace that had a supportive community. All my classmates want to do well, but not at the expense of each other. I enjoy being around them both in and out of class. And the alumni are helpful, too. I called an alum in Indianapolis to ask if I could shadow her, and she called back within an hour to set it up.

On life in Bloomington: I’m sure there are advantages to going to law school in a big city, but in Bloomington, there are fewer distractions, which raises everyone’s level of engagement in class. And you can have fun, too. I’m a big sports fan and enjoy attending IU football games, and it’s been easy to make friends from all over the country. I’m in a social group that gets together every week, and we’re from everywhere: Chicago, California, New York, and Indiana.

Advice for 1Ls: If you’ve been admitted, you’re already an excellent student. Focus on doing what you do well, and don’t worry about what others are doing. And don’t get behind! If you do, it’s almost impossible to catch up.