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Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD)

Robin Neace, JD'15
Hebron, KY
Previous Education:
BA’10, History, University of Kentucky

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“Bloomington is a cool town”
Robin Neace, JD’15

Why I want to be a lawyer: I’ll be a third-generation lawyer, so I’ve been around the profession my whole life. I was thinking about attending diplomacy school, but decided to go to law school instead and maybe work for a US company that does business abroad.

Why I chose Indiana Law: I looked at several schools in this part of the country and decided I wanted to be in the best school I could get into that was also in a cool town. And Bloomington is a cool town!

What’s cool about Bloomington? The local food, nice people, great restaurants, the nightlife. Plus it’s easy to get around in, and the people are nice.

On starting early: I signed up for Summer Start, which was a big help. It was nice taking just one exam (torts) before you have to take four in the fall semester. And it was a good opportunity to get to know Bloomington before it gets crowded in the fall.

A welcoming community: When I was looking at schools, people said, “It’s cutthroat. Don’t make friends because you won’t be able to trust anyone.” Nothing has been further from the truth. My classmates have been warm and welcoming. And by going to law school in a different community from my undergrad school, I’m expanding my horizons – and my professional network.