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Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD)

Rubin Pusha
Savannah, Georgia
Previous Education:
BS’07, Marketing, Albany State University
MS’09, Higher Education, Indiana University

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Student Spotlight

The law of business; the business of law
Rubin Pusha III, JD’12

Rubin Pusha’s law school plans were interrupted due to the “confusion of being young.” Now that he’s here, he’s sure he’s made the right decision.

Before coming to the Law School: Like a lot of kids, I was inspired to be a lawyer by characters I saw on TV and in movies—the whole Jerry Maguire thing. But I didn’t take the LSAT in time to go straight to law school after graduation. Call it the confusion of being young. I met some people from IU’s higher education program at a conference, and they encouraged me to get a master’s degree. I soon realized that wasn’t for me, so I finished my degree and prepped for the LSAT.

Why I chose Indiana Law: I was going to go back home and attend law school at the University of Georgia. But I was offered a great scholarship at the Maurer School of Law and got lots of encouragement from the recruitment staff. I already loved Bloomington and decided to stay here for law school.

Favorite courses: The legal profession was one of my favorite courses. Professor Steele is one of the leaders in the field. His stories about ethics and the practice in general made the words on the page tangible. I also liked Professor Bethel’s contracts class. He helped me make connections between my business degree and the law. So did Professor Long in his sales and secured transactions classes.

On life in Bloomington: I’m a Southerner, and I’ll admit that before I came to Bloomington, I’d never eaten sushi or Thai or Indian food. It’s a great place to expand your horizons. I play intramural basketball and work out to stay in shape and relieve stress, and the campus setting gives you lots of ways to do that.

When considering law school: It’s a layered decision—much more complicated than “I want to be a lawyer.” You have to find out everything you can about the profession first, then visit schools and find the one that’s the best fit. Dean Motley, the dean of admissions, helped me put things in perspective by helping me ask myself what I wanted: the big fish/small fish questions. If you think through all of those types of issues, you’ll be much better off when you make your decision.