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A photo of IU’s Sample Gates.

Beautiful Bloomington: A Safe and Friendly City

“When we got to Bloomington we were pleasantly surprised with everything it had to offer: affordable housing, parks for the kids, Indiana basketball games.”
Andy Beyer, JD’08

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Bloomington, Indiana is a charming city with a vibrant cultural life, friendly residents, and a moderate climate (summer temperatures average highs in the mid 80s while average winter temperatures are in the mid 30s). The city offers many amenities within walking distance of the Law School Building, including public transportation, food markets, restaurants, and housing. In fact, most Indiana Law students live within walking distance of the Law School and quickly find that it becomes the center of their lives, both academically and socially.

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International students in particular are drawn to Bloomington, a diverse and tolerant community that opens its arms to a wide array of cultures and ways of life. The city’s extensive offerings in multicultural cuisine—Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Greek, Himalayan, Moroccan, French, Tibetan, Afghan, Indian, Mexican, Italian, Turkish, Korean—rival any larger metropolis. Bloomington residents also enjoy an assortment of specialty and international markets.