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Carrel Sign Up Reminder

Remember to get your carrel!  Carrels are a great place to study between classes and you can check out books to them, so you may want to get one.  This week is your opportunity to sign up for one.  As we mentioned before 3Ls, SJDs, LLMs, and MCLs get the first chance to sign up on Tuesday, 2Ls on Wednesday, and 1Ls on Thursday.

You might want to explore the library a little to decide which carrel you want.  Some are tucked away in quieter areas, some will have all your friends nearby, some are by windows, and some have ports for wired internet connections.  Also, since two students are assigned to a carrel, if you have someone you think you would share well with the two of you might want to come sign up for your desired carrel together.

One last reminder–it is first come first serve.  So if you have already picked the perfect carrel you might want to be in line for it at 7:30.  And don’t forget to bring your student ID!

Snazzy New Wireless Access

Last year, as our returning students may recall, there was some trouble with wireless access in the library (and throughout the Law School).  The University has been working on the problem, which exists all across campus, this summer and hopes that the problem has been fixed for the school year. Please let us know if you have any trouble with the wireless system in the library–if we don’t know that there is a problem it’s not easy to fix it! You can contact Linda Fariss at, or stop by her office in the reference area of the library.

DNC Speeches on YouTube

CSPAN and BarackObamaDotCom have both archived the speeches from the DNC on YouTube.

The Printers Are Shifting

We are moving our printers to new servers. This means that if you already have the library and UITS printers set up on your computer you will need to shift them over yourself. If you are a student you have probably already received an e-mail from the fabulous Dave with instructions on how to do this, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat it here.

Thus, in Dave’s own words– Full Story »

A Guide for OneLs–Food!

Remember to eat! Your first year is usually one of the busiest in law school, and it can be easy to drop a lunch here and there in all the whirl. It’s never a good idea, though. To really be at the top of your game you should make time for food and sleep.

In the interest of keeping our students happy and healthy we do allow eating in the library. We just ask that you let us know if you spill anything, and that you clean up after yourself. (Library lore has at least one amusing story of a student who lured a squirrel into the library by leaving a slice of pizza by an open window. Though it makes a good story, we’d rather not do it again.) Also, we are often the place where leftovers from parties and meetings wind up. If you are feeling peckish you might poke your head into the library and check the circ desk to see if there are any leftovers available. We also have a reference librarian with a candy bowl–come in for assistance and sugar!

Finally, we do have a lot of good local eateries nearby. Many of you have probably already noticed the Starbucks half a block away which caters to another basic need for most law students–caffeine.

Pardon Our Tours

Everything in the Law School shifts into high-gear with the beginning of another academic year, and the Law Library’s Public Services staff is no exception.  Starting with orientation tours for the entire incoming first-year class, the Public Services librarians expect to provide lectures, tours, bibliographic and computer instruction to well over 2000 students this semester.  The librarians will also be guiding a substantial number of non-law students in the use of the Law Library and its collection.  Students from a wide range of disciplines, such as Journalism, Business, SPEA, Telecommunications and Political Science will be receiving training in the use of periodicals indexes, legal encyclopedias and the reporter systems during the months of September and October.
In order to make tours of Library less disruptive to students studying in the Reading Room and on the First Floor, the Public Services staff will post notices of upcoming tours so that students can seek other study areas during those times.

Welcome to Our Students!

It’s been an exciting summer here at the IU Law Library, what with getting a new website and starting a new blog.  However it still seems a little slow compared to the hustle of having students in the halls again.

This week we get to meet our new students and also welcome back some familiar faces.  Remember, old or new we are here to help.  Maybe you have a journal article you need to hunt down an obscure document for, or maybe you just need directions to your first classroom.  Whatever it is, don’t hesitate to ask!

Looking for Lists?

The List Universe sports an amazing collection of top ten lists on all manner of subjects by several authors. It might be a fun place to kill a few hours–and this one seems particularly relevant. You never know when it might come in handy in class to know about early patent laws.

Voting and Election Information

Some important dates to be aware of include:

August 25-28: Democratic National Convention

September 1-4: Republican National Convention

October 6: Voter Registration Closes for the 2008 General Election

October 27: deadline for absentee-by-mail applications to be received for the General Election

November 4: General Election Day

If you need more voting info, take a look at the website of the Indiana Election Division. It includes the Voter Information Portal, where you can find information on voter registration, where to vote, what constitutes a government-issued photo ID, an election calendar, absentee voting, working the polls, and much more!

Media Coverage, the League of Women Voters provides links to significant election websites.

Some notable election information gateways maintained by academic libraries include:

For historical and statistical data, the U.S. Census Bureau resources on voting and elections include:

  • Statistics on Voting and Registration (includes Information on reported voting and registration by various demographic and socioeconomic characteristics).

The Law Library Movie Collection

As some of you may already know we collect movies here at the Library.  Specifically, movies with a lawyer or legal bent.  It’s always interesting to see how people in our field are portrayed in the mass media, and there often movies that are really interesting to and appropriate for a particular class.  On top of that, though, it’s just fun.  We really enjoy racking our brains for legal movies that we have missed, and we like to think of our students curling up with My Cousin Vinny when they get too tired of using the Library’s more serious materials.

So, students, remember to take a break every once in a while and watch a lawyer movie.  And, though we won’t be doing our traditional movie buy for awhile, if you notice any important lawyer movie that we are missing let us know!

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