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Happy Finals, All!

Here we are on the first day of finals. It would be easy to post links to half a dozen websites with advice on law school finals, but you really don’t need more to read at this point. (If you really want, you can get a mountain of advice just searching Google.) So instead we’ll just remind you of the most important thing—stay calm, stay focused, take care of yourself. You are going to be fine. Really.

Fordham on the Financial Crisis

The Leo T. Kissam Library at Fordham Law has just rolled out a database on the recent financial crisis. It is a wealth of information, from the history of the Emergency Economic Stability Act to documents on aid to the auto industry. Go take a look.

Thank You, Mr. Maurer!

We are grateful and excited by the enormously generous $35 million gift of Michael Maurer.  We look forward to carrying your name into the future, Sir.

Take Care of Yourself!

This time of year sees not only finals, but often a charming variety of colds and flu going around. It never hurts to take precautions, even though this year hasn’t been terrible for the flu so far, according to the Google flu trend tool. (This nifty little device is Google keeping track of how many people are searching for information on the flu by location. It’s a pretty good indication of flu outbreaks.) We are at a low flu occurrence so far, but December has been a hotbed of flu activity before, so be careful. It is always a good idea to get a flu shot, which you can get from any number of places—doctor’s offices, drug stores, and there are even some opportunities here on campus.

If you do get sick, though, it’s a good idea to take to heart the words of our own Professor Orenstein, in her recent column in the Herald-Times ($). Don’t push yourself! Stay home, take care of yourself, and you will probably lose less productivity than if you try to work through the pain. Good health to all.

A Guide for OneLs—Stress Management

Congratulations! You are now in the final stretch of you first semester, which is usually the hardest one. All you have to do is survive a few more classes and finals. It is, however, when you are almost done that the stress gets the worst. We suggested that you take a little time for yourself earlier, and now we want to remind you again. Sleep, food, and relaxation are more important than ever.

The Law Magazine Blog has an entry on managing stress, and it is a pretty good one. Not everything will be for you, we understand that you can drop everything at the end of the day during finals, but there are lots of good suggestions for little things that you can to maintain your mental health. Finals are hard—but you don’t need to make them any harder. Take care of yourself.

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