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Full Text Searching of the Brevier Legislative Reports

Full text searching of the Brevier Legislative Reports (located on the Digital Collections page) is now available. You may enter your search term in the Search Collection box at the top right. With the Sort button at the bottom right you have the option to toggle between a relevancy sort and a chronological sort.

Law Library adds Database of Oxford University Press Ebooks

Last week the Library added access to a growing database of law-related ebooks, part of a larger, and more general collection of ebooks, called Oxford Scholarship Online.  The Wells Library already subscribes to modules of Oxford Scholarship Online covering a variety of subjects from classical studies to religious studies, totaling around 2700 recent books.  Our subscription to the law module adds another 100 significant Oxford University Press titles, and the whole, combined database is now accessible throughout the Bloomington campus. Full Story »

An Interesting European Case Law Database

Today’s topic is the Common Portal of National Case Law, a free search utility (ignore the log-in box) that provides access to selected case law from courts across the European Union.   This database is intriguing because it provides a way to search for substantively like cases across many jurisdictions at once. Full Story »