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Maurer Professors on Kagan and the Confirmation Process

A few months ago Prof. Fuentes-Rohwer, accompanied by several other law professors from other schools, published a piece on which worried that Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan had not made particularly diverse hires during her time at Harvard Law School.  Of the 32 new hires she made, only seven were women, and only one a minority. Yesterday the local Herald-Times ran a similar story.  Prof. Fuentes-Rohwer reiterated his concerns, but adds that he thinks that Kagan would still make an excellent Supreme Court justice.  And he and Prof. Geyh both share their thoughts on the current vetting process for nominees.  They feel that it requires the nominee to share as little information as possible—and that no one really asks questions to which they want an answer anymore. 

What do you think?  Does Kagan’s record with diversity disturb you?  Do you think that we need a new confirmation process? And if so, what should it look like?