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State of the University Address

Today President McRobbie will be delivering the annual State of the University address at 2 PM.  Students are encouraged to watch the address.  You can attend in person in the Frangipani Room at the Union.  It will also be broadcast on local television and radio stations, or you can watch it streaming live from wherever you happen to be.  For more information and a complete list of ways to see the address check out the IU Homepages page on it.

9/11 Remembered

Today is the ten year anniversary of a day that changed the United States forever.  Ten years later we still feel the tragedy as though it was yesterday.  All across the nation this day is being celebrated, remembered, mourned.  The local Bloomington Herald-Times ($) has information about local remembrances, nationwide ones, and recollections of Indiana Red Cross workers who were part of the aftermath.  News sources across the country have similar tributes. There is also a website for IU commemorative events.

Today is a day for remembering heroes and loved ones.  However you choose to spend this day, we hope that you have a good one.

Resources for U.S. Government Publications

New to Law School? Or have you forgotten where to find government information and documents? The Law Library provides access to free and subscription-based indexes and full-text sources of government publications. These databases are accessed from the Law Library Online Resources web page, grouped under the heading Government Resources.

Here is a quick overview of resources for locating government documents (including bills, hearings, committee reports, debates, statutes, regulations, committee information, agency decisions and treaties). Full Story »