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Lawyers Suing Lexis and Westlaw

Two attorneys recently brought an unusual suit.  They are suing Westlaw and Lexis for providing access to their briefs, claiming copyright infringement.  One of the two lawyers, Edward White, has obtained copyright registration for some of his briefs, and plans to be representative of others like with copyright.  The other plaintiff, Kenneth Elan, has not.  They argue that the briefs are their own work, and Lexis and Westlaw make money off them.  On the other hand, briefs become publicly available during the case.  What do you think?  Are Westlaw and Lexis infringing?  For more take a look at the complaint itself, the Wall Street Journal Law Blog, the ABA Journal, the Volokh Conspiracy, or Above the Law.

Congratulations Linda Fariss!

The Law Library is delighted to welcome Linda Fariss as its new Director.  Linda has been the Associate Director of the Law Library for many years, so she knows and is dedicated to the continuing excellence of the Library—there simply isn’t a better choice for the position.  In addition, Keith Buckley and Nonie Watt have been named Assistant Directors of the Law Library, Keith for Public Services and Nonie for Technical Services.  So congratulations, Linda, Keith, and Nonie!  The Law Library is lucky to have you!