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Indiana Voting Law Upheld

For sometime there has been dispute about the legality of Indiana requiring voters to show ID in order to vote.  In 2005 the legislature passed a law that mandated that ID be shown at the polls, and since then there has been much litigation.  Today finally saw an Indiana Supreme Court decision of one of those cases—League of Women Voters of Indiana, Inc. v. Rokita. The case was originally dismissed in the Civil Division of the Marion Superior Court, but then the Court of Appeals found the law suspect because it required a different standard of treatment for those who voted in person and those who voted by mail—the latter are not required to execute an affidavit to prove their identity. 

Today, though, the Indiana Supreme Court affirmed the trial court’s dismissal of the case. They point out that no individual voter has actually come forward with a case based on his or her inability to vote under the law.  They do, however, dismiss without prejudice, in case such a voter should want to present a case. 

Do you think that the law prevents people from voting? Thanks to the Indiana Law Blog for keeping us up to date and giving us links to resource pages on the case.

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