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Snyder v. Phelps

Today the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the much contested case Snyder v. Phelps.  Four years ago a group from the Westboro Baptist Church picketed the military funeral of a marine killed in Iraq.  They were protesting against gay rights, believing that God is allowing soldiers to die to punish America for homosexuality.  In the first incarnation of the case, the father of the soldier won a $5,000,000 verdict, but it was overturned on appeal.  The church argues that it is only exercising its rights to free speech and protest; the family of the soldier demands privacy and sanctity for military funerals.  CNN has a nice write up on the question. 

What do you think?  SCOTUSblog offers podcasts with attorneys arguing for either side.  USA Today offers a list of organizations which have filed amicus briefs in the case.

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