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New Foreign and International Databases Added to Library’s Collection

Reporting from the foreign and international desk of the Law Library newsroom, I am happy to inform new and returning law students that the Library added a number of significant and interesting databases over the summer break, related to various aspects of foreign and international law. Subsequent blog entries will describe these databases (and others) in greater detail; the purpose of today’s entry is just to provide a thumbnail overview of these shiny new sources that await your discovery.

Three new foreign and international law databases have been added to the Library’s HeinOnline subscription. These included the following:

United Nations Law Collection

Most importantly, this database offers the complete collection of treaties published in the United Nations Treaty Series, the most comprehensive source for treaties concluded since the end of World War II.  It also includes the complete collection of treaties published in the League of Nations Treaty Series.

Collected Courses of the Hague Academy of International Law

Published since 1923, this is a major source of authoritative commentary on international law topics.

History of International Law

This is a database of more than 550 important books on international law (550,000 pages), going back to 1690.

In addition to these three databases, the Library also has added the following:

Oxford Reports on International Law (ORIL)

This is actually four separate databases, including the following: Oxford Reports on International Courts of General Jurisdiction, Oxford  Reports on International Criminal Law, Oxford Reports on International Human Rights Law, and Oxford Reports on International Law in Domestic Courts. These databases bring together decisions on public international law from international law courts, domestic courts, and ad hoc tribunals, dating back to 1812. An important feature of this group of databases is that all decisions are included in the Oxford Citator, meaning that they are linked to one another, as well as to the online Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law.

Cambridge Books Online

This is an ebook platform, containing books on legal subjects published by Cambridge University Press, 2011 onward. As in the case of Oxford Scholarship Online, all titles are included in IUCAT, the online catalog.


This database is a comprehensive English case law citator. In addition to verifying the continuing validity of case law, Justcite also cross-references cases, legislation and journal articles and shows you how they are related.

Togethr, these six databases illustrate the ever-increasing richness and sophistication of commercially published databases. As mentioned above, additional blog entries to follow over the next few weeks will provide more information about these and other new databases that I  hope will enhance your research. In the meantime, check them out and discover for yourselves what these new databases have to offer. Enjoy!

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