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Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals now on HeinOnline

The Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (IFLP) has been published since 1960 and is a selective, English-language index of law reviews published around the world. Therefore, it is an important tool for researchers interested in comparative law topics. An electronic version of the database, including contents 1985-, has been available through various platforms for many years, most recently through OVID.  The Law Library subscribes to the electronic version of the IFLP, and those of you who have used the current OVID platform will agree that it is somewhat difficult to use, though quite powerful.

Good news! The IFLP recently migrated to HeinOnline, and is now accessible through a straight-forward interface that will be familiar to those who already search in HeinOnline. In addition to author searching, the interface supports title and subject keyword searching, as well as date/date range searching. Two new features are included: it is now possible to search PDFs of the print index, 1960-1984, and links are provided in the index entries (1985 -) to the full text of articles that appear in approximately 100 journals included elsewhere in HeinOnline.

However, it is important for researchers to keep in mind that many articles appearing  in foreign legal periodicals are not available electronically. Therefore, researchers will have to take the extra step of looking up journal titles in IUCAT to determine whether they are available in the Library’s print collection. Many of them are.

Another important point to keep in mind is that most articles indexed are not in English, although subject headings are.

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