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New International Law Databases

The Library recently added the Collected Courses of the Hague Academy of International Law (CC) to its HeinOnline subscription. Published since 1923, and containing lectures presented at the Academy’s summer courses on international law, this title comprises a massive and authoritative encyclopedia of both public and private international law subjects. Currently the title runs to almost 350 volumes.

As part of the HeinOnline platform, the CC can be searched via the familiar field and advanced search interfaces. In particular, this allows the researcher to search titles and full text, using both Boolean and proximity connectors. In addition, it is possible to search by author, and through a very extensive set of subject headings which are easily browsed and combined with other search methods. As with any good encyclopedic source, the CC can be used either as a source of information itself or as a source of further bibliographic information.

The Library also recently added a database to its HeinOnline subscription, entitled History of International Law. This collection includes more than 500 monographic titles dating back to 1690, and greatly expands the depth of sources available to researchers interested in historical topics, such as, e.g., the Nuremberg trials, the Hague Peace Conferences, or the advent of the League of Nations. The database is searchable through HeinOnline itself, but bibliographic records will be available through IUCAT as well.

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