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IUCAT Changes Coming Soon (and one small change that has already taken effect)

IUCAT, the online catalog of Indiana University Library holdings, will soon be going through a makeover. However, in the meantime the Law Library has initiated a small change in the default functionality of the current version of IUCAT for law students and faculty.

Those of you who are power users of IUCAT may have noticed that, until recently, your searches were automatically limited to the holdings of the Law Library. This default setting was established on the assumption that law students and faculty would be served best by searching the Law Library’s holdings first. Of course, users could change the default to broaden their searches. For example, one could search “Blmgtn – All Bloomington Libraries” or all Indiana University Libraries (listed on the drop-down menu as “ALL”). These are just the two most popular alternatives among many available.

Now the default has been changed for law students and faculty to “Blmgtn – All Bloomington Libraries,” and you will have to change the default in order to search just the Law Library’s holdings. In large part, we initiated this change because there are now so many valuable electronic sources available to the entire Bloomington campus through the Wells Library. Unfortunately, one would not find these sources in IUCAT if the search were limited to the Law Library’s holdings, and we don’t want our patrons to miss finding records for any databases that might be of use to them! Hence, the change.

As mentioned above, bigger changes are coming to IUCAT. But this one small change has already taken effect, and hopefully it will improve your ability to take advantage of the huge variety of electronic sources available to you.

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