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Commercial Laws of Europe

In these days of ever more, and ever more wonderful, electronic databases, it’s easy to forget that there are still excellent print-only titles lurking in the stacks. One such title is Commercial Laws of Europe (shelved on the second floor, under the call number KJC2044 .C65).

Published since 1978, Commercial Laws of Europe contains high quality English language translations of important recent legislation adopted in any European jurisdiction. Legislation may be in the form of treaties or constitutional provisions, primary legislation (i.e. statutes), secondary legislation (e.g., regulations, decrees), or even informal rules, such as guidelines and recommendations. Some of this material is available on the Internet as well, but usually in non-authoritative English language translation, or in the original language only.

Students who must cite European commercial law in their seminar papers or theses should keep Commercial Laws of Europe in mind. Even though they will want to cite the controlling law in its original, legally dispositive form, it will be useful to cite a high quality and readily accessible English translation as well.  On such occasions, Commercial Laws of Europe is just the right source.

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