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European Court of Justice decisions added to HeinOnline

The Court of Justice of the European Union is the court of general jurisdiction that interprets European Union law for all the member states of the E.U. For a very basic description of the Court’s composition, jurisdiction, and procedures, one should view its page at the European Union’s Europa web site. HeinOnline recently added decisions of the European Court of Justice to its Foreign and International Law Resources Database. Decisions of the E.C.J., dating back to its foundation in 1954, are already available at Curia, the Court’s own web site, as well as in both Lexis and WestLaw. However, the addition of its decisions to HeinOnline provides yet another access point to the jurisprudence of this important court, via HeinOnline’s own search interface.
The E.C.J. decisions on HeinOnline are a complete collection of the European Court Reports through 2008. More recent decisions are available in Lexis and WestLaw, and documentation from pending decisions is available through Curia. However, you should bear in mind that not all decisions of the Court are published in the European Court Reports. For example, since 2004 the E.C.R. typically have not included orders, decisions rendered by three-judge panels in non-preliminary matters, and five-judge decisions lacking an Advocate General’s Opinion (because not precedent-setting).

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