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HeinOnline User Guides, Quick Reference Guides, and Other Training Materials

We all think of HeinOnline as a terrific source for PDF versions of law review articles. There’s good reason for this, since HeinOnline includes so many titles, and provides access to all of them all the way back to volume one. No other database provides PDF versions of so many articles, covering such a long period of time.

But HeinOnline actually is a large, and rapidly growing collection of databases, including much more than its excellent Law Journals Library. Currently, there are 51 databases, covering a wide variety of subject areas, including both primary and secondary source material. In the broad area of foreign and international law alone, there are currently fourteen databases, of which the most important are the English Reports Full Reprint, the Foreign & International Law Resources Database, the Collected Courses of the Hague Academy, the Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals, the United Nations Law Collection, and World Constitutions Illustrated. If you are interested in any of these databases, or just want to see what else is available, you should scan the list of databases on the landing page. There are links you can follow to fuller descriptions of all the databases.

Also note that HeinOnline provides a wealth of resources to help you use the database collection effectively. The landing page has a link to Training Guides, which include general User Guides and more specialized Quick Reference Guides. In addition, the User Guide page has further links to training videos and archived webinars. All this information can also be accessed via the HeinOnline Training & Support Wiki. These are great resources to look at in order to become a better searcher. Also, once you select a database, the Resources tab provides links to the Wiki and the Search tab provides links to general guides on searching and advanced search syntax. These are extremely helpful for constructing exactly the search you need.

Frequently, we don’t think of HeinOnline as a search engine, but merely as a database in which to retrieve articles by title or author. But on closer inspection, you will see that HeinOnline actually provides powerful search syntax and field searching, which will help you find information by subject in a rich variety of databases.

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