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New County Resource from the State Government

The State of Indiana has created a new resource to let Hoosiers know what State government is doing in every Indiana county. This interactive map – What’s Happening in My County?, which lives on Governor Daniels’ homepage, contains data back to 2005 and will be frequently updated. Projects slated for the future, like the Governor’s Major Moves (road construction) initiative, are included as well. A layering feature allows you to select up to six categories to view at one time.

Color-coded pins show locations where economic development projects and Major Moves (road construction) projects have been initiated. You can also see where grants and contracts have been awarded within the county. Additional pins signify trips made to your county by the Governor, activities in the county that involved State Representatives, and visits the Governor made with soldiers from your county during his trip to Iraq.

You can also find other basic information about your county, such as statistical information or links to city, town, school corporations, local government, and community web sites.

Thanks to the Indiana State Library for the heads-up!

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