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They DO Have a Lot to Answer For

There are a great number of funny cases in the world, but the one that has been making headlines recently is Nebraska Senator Ernie Chambers’ lawsuit against God. At present the lawsuit has been thrown out for failure to provide a home address so that notice may be served, but Sen. Chambers maintains that God, being omnipresent and omniscient, is present in Douglas County for the sake of jurisdiction, and has knowledge of the suit.

In fact, Chambers is simply angry about another suit he considers frivolous and is making a point as to the open nature of our court system, but it makes a good story.

It is also reminiscent of the 1971 case in which the petitioner sued Satan for violating his civil rights. The court in that case also noted the lack of instructions for how to serve process, but their line about the standing of a foreign prince in an American Court is truly delightful.

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