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Voting and Election Information

Some important dates to be aware of include:

August 25-28: Democratic National Convention

September 1-4: Republican National Convention

October 6: Voter Registration Closes for the 2008 General Election

October 27: deadline for absentee-by-mail applications to be received for the General Election

November 4: General Election Day

If you need more voting info, take a look at the website of the Indiana Election Division. It includes the Voter Information Portal, where you can find information on voter registration, where to vote, what constitutes a government-issued photo ID, an election calendar, absentee voting, working the polls, and much more!

Media Coverage, the League of Women Voters provides links to significant election websites.

Some notable election information gateways maintained by academic libraries include:

For historical and statistical data, the U.S. Census Bureau resources on voting and elections include:

  • Statistics on Voting and Registration (includes Information on reported voting and registration by various demographic and socioeconomic characteristics).

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