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Baseball and the Law

There is no better time than the middle of the World Series to remember a few of the interesting legal cases about baseball. There are several baseball fans in the library, so we have in the past done some nice displays about it—the most recent one was only a few month ago and dealt with baseball and antitrust, especially the famous Flood v. Kuhn case.

Any number of different legal issues arise in baseball. There are the questions of misconduct—the Black Sox scandal, the recent flood of litigation on drugs, but also contracts, labor law, and intellectual property. So, you can either check out the Flood case, the Lajoie case, Sed Non Olet Denarius case, or you can just watch the World Series without feeling too guilty about it, because it still has a legal tie in. For more information, we also have several good books in the library—in addition to the Baseball Encyclopedia in the reference area, there are some baseball specific books in the general collection, including one called Baseball and the American Legal Mind which is a collection of document that runs the gamut from important cases to New York Times quizzes that compare famous legal minds to famous baseball players.

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