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A Guide for OneLs–Food!

Remember to eat! Your first year is usually one of the busiest in law school, and it can be easy to drop a lunch here and there in all the whirl. It’s never a good idea, though. To really be at the top of your game you should make time for food and sleep.

In the interest of keeping our students happy and healthy we do allow eating in the library. We just ask that you let us know if you spill anything, and that you clean up after yourself. (Library lore has at least one amusing story of a student who lured a squirrel into the library by leaving a slice of pizza by an open window. Though it makes a good story, we’d rather not do it again.) Also, we are often the place where leftovers from parties and meetings wind up. If you are feeling peckish you might poke your head into the library and check the circ desk to see if there are any leftovers available. We also have a reference librarian with a candy bowl–come in for assistance and sugar!

Finally, we do have a lot of good local eateries nearby. Many of you have probably already noticed the Starbucks half a block away which caters to another basic need for most law students–caffeine.

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