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More Thoughts on Blogging

Now that we’ve had a week or two to explore the blogging world we have learned many things.

One is that blogging is surprisingly difficult. One of the warnings that a lot of preparatory blogging research turned up is not to try to run a blog alone. This is good advice–especially when taken with another maxim of good blogging, which is to update frequently. It’s not easy to make sure that one is relevant, interesting, and helpful every day of the week.

There are some amazing blogs out there that are amazingly simply because their authors are willing to devote themselves almost whole heartedly to them. It’s also true that a lot of good blogs have many authors, who can speak to one another, and keep up a steady flow of information.

With so many smart and interesting people here at the library we should be able to keep the BLAWg IN Bloom pretty fresh. But, for all you fledgling bloggers out there who are interested in a blog that speaks to more than just your friends and relations, be prepared for all the work you will have to do.

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