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Research Guides: The Law Library’s Hidden Gem

Have you ever wondered what study aids the Law Library has for 1L courses?  Have you found yourself endlessly searching the App Store for law-related apps?  When researching for a professor, do you find yourself struggling to remember what resources to use to locate government documents or foreign and international resources?  If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you should check out the Law Library’s online research guides. research-guide-link They can be accessed from the Law Library’s home page, under Research Tools.

Written by our librarians, these guides serve as research portals, with each page of the guide directing you to a different category of resources on a particular legal subject.  After an explanatory first page, for example, you might have a page on books in the catalog, another page on related databases, and another page on free and low-cost alternatives.  And unlike many subscription resources, these guides are free and open for anyone in the world to use!

In our assembly of research guides, you can find a large collection dedicated to research in government documents, and an equally large collection dedicated to foreign and international legal research.  You will also find guides dedicated to specific legal subjects, such as Art & Cultural Heritage Law and Privacy Law.  If you are a 1L, or just need a refresher on the legal research process, check out our collection of guides for LRW.  Perhaps you don’t have a research question, however.  We still may have guides to answer your questions.  Are you looking for law-related apps?  Check out our app guide.  Do you have questions about the new IUCAT?  We have a guide for that too.  Were you wondering how to interlibrary loan?  Yep, our guides can answer that too – just refer to the Circulation & Interlibrary Loan guide.  Are you unsure whether we have a guide to answer your question?  Check out the subject listing of guides on the left side of the research guides home page, or search the content of all of our guides using the search box at the top.

So how do the guides work?  The layout and content of a guide may vary, but the same basic elements will be universal.  Look for colored tabs across the top of the guide that will take you to the other pages of content.  Content within a page is divided into boxes; some will be prose-like, while others will simply contain links to resources, RSS feeds of pertinent blogs and news sources, and even video.  Some guides also feature a box of related guides to further your research.  (For an example of a guide’s layout, refer to the image at the end of this post.)

Our guides are being updated and new guides created constantly, so if you have any questions about a guide, or suggestions for new guides, contact the guide’s author; if none is posted, stop by the Reference Office and talk to one of the librarians.  Happy researching!


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