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A Guide for OneLs—Explore Your Options

Last Friday we wrote about the lawyers that might have top roles in the new administration. These guys are not only interesting as a legal presence in our country, but also as a reminder that your JD is a gateway to far more than just the practice of law. There are any number of professions in which a law degree is useful that don’t fit the traditional mold. Although law school is similar to a vocational school in that it teaches you the skills necessary to practice a particular profession, it also promotes critical thinking and writing skills that are useful for numerous professions.

Some people go to law school knowing in advance that they are not interested in the traditional practice of law, but even if you have planned to be a lawyer since the third grade (and that’s wonderful if you have) it doesn’t hurt to take a quick look at the myriad of options available to you. There are several resources. To begin with, check out this article from the Law Student Division of the ABA. It’s an oldie, but a goodie. You might also want to take a look at one of the many books on the subject. We have several, including Nonlegal Careers For Lawyers, What Can You Do With a Law Degree? A Lawyers’ Guide to Career Alternatives Inside, Outside & Around the Law, and Judgment Reversed: Alternative Careers For Lawyers.

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