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European Union Law Blogs

For those interested in European Union legal developments, there are a number of blogs that might be of interest.  Here are three:

ECJ Watch.  As its name implies, this one provides summaries of recent decisions of the European Court of Justice.  Advantages include the fact that there’s not too much traffic (last posting was in September, so you won’t be inundated if you subscribe to its RSS feed).  Also, entries include links to decisions and other E.U. documents under discussion.  And there are links to a number of other E.U. law blogs, so if you don’t like this one (or just want more traffic), you can always check out the linked blogs.  ECJ Watch doesn’t include many subject categories; but on the plus side, one of them is “Laughs.”  Another blog dedicated to providing summaries of decisions handed down by the European Court of Justice.  Summaries are longer than in ECJ Watch.  Useful features include a detailed subject index of blog entries, links to recent ECJ press releases, and recent news reports on the ECJ via Google.  There is a page providing links to various official legal texts, and a search function.   This blog also avoids having too much traffic; 28 posts so far in 2008, 73 in 2007 and 61 in 2006.

EU Law Blog.  This one has many of the same features as ECJBlog, but covers Commission developments as well as the ECJ.  There appears to be more traffic on this blog, but it’s difficult to know because the Archives don’t list the number of postings.  Summaries are lengthy, with lots of links to other cases, etc.  EU Law Blog also links to many other blogs dedicated to EU law and politics

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